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Introducing Adherence Packaging

  • Do you forget to take your Medications? 
  • Have you ever gone on vacation and left 
    your bag of pill bottles at home?
  • Do ypou have to prepare Pill boxes for family members?
  • Have you ever taken a dose of your medications ans a few 
    hours later cannot remember if you took that dose or not? 

Our adherence packaging groups all of your medications together in a small easy-open pouch separated by the date and time of day the medication is to be taken.  The medication packets include your name, date, and time of administration, name of the medications inside each packet along with the directions for use and a description of the tablets or capsules.  Each medication packet is clearly marked with the date and time to take the medications in the pack. The backside of the pack is clear so you can see all the medications you are taking.  This eliminates the chance of forgetting to take a dose of medication.


Routine maintenance medications and vitamins or supplements that are taken every day can be packed in the medication packets.  We work with your physician and insurance company to get all of your medications on the same billing cycle so that they can all be packaged together. 

The medication packets come packed in a box and you just pull out the individual packet that you need for the specific day and time.  The packets are in day and time order so, for example, if you forget if you have taken your 9 AM dose, just look in the box to see what day and time is listed on the next packet.  The box may have the 7 PM dose for that day waiting for you, letting you know that you already took your morning medications.  This helps to eliminate confusion and administration errors.  
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